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This code library is the underlying framework that I use to build my Sphere games. It's always undergoing changes but can still be used to easily build Sphere games without having to worry about implementing a lot of boilerplate code.


Radlib supports these global classes for manipulating your game. Furthermore it has additional packages:



You can check out and contribute to the source code hosted at github: here.

Final Releases have not yet neen made.


Getting your radlib project up and running is simple, in the Sphere editor just do the following to get a simple game up and running:
			// The only major file to include, it will automtaically
			// include all other core radlib files.

			// The content pipeline loads all of your games resources
			// into this object (images can be accessed from Resources.images, etc.)

			// Optionally, you may want to add packages such as the
			// radgui library so that you can add intersting menus
			// to the game via the state manager.
			// These have to be done after resources are loaded
			// so that they can use the content pipeline.

			function game() {
				// This sets up some hooklists for
				// SetUpdateScript and SetRenderScript

				// This allows the state manager
				// to run on top of the map engine.
				// only do this if you use the map
				// engine.

				// This is will quickly create a player character,
				// attaching the camera, input, and setting their
				// frame revert all at once.
				Game.createPlayer("name_here", "some_spriteset.rss");

				// Then run the game engine like normal
				MapEngine("a_map_here.rmp", 60);

				// OR: StateManager.execute(); if you only use states in your game
				// OR: A mixture of states and the default map engine.